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How to Enjoy Group Travelling With Friends Without Falling Out

Group travelling with a bunch of your friends can be a lot of fun. It can, if not properly organized however, become a nightmare that causes stress, tension, and, in...
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Planning a Group Vacation

No matter how great a group vacation with family and/or friends might appear to be, it certainly isn’t for everyone. Ideally, lots of rest and relaxation in a wonderful new...
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Why Every Woman Needs a Girls Weekend Getaway

Whether you’re on the Career Merry-Go-Round or a Stay-at-Home Mom, life gets in the way of fun and far too often – going on a trip with our girlfriends like...
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3 Reasons Why a Cruise is Perfect for a Girls Getaway

A weekend cruise girls getaway is the perfect way to effectively channel Rest, Relaxation and “Me Time” in your life. In terms of what it offers, it encompasses all of...
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Why You Need a Travel Agent for Your Weekend Girls Getaway

A Weekend Girls Getaway sounds like fun, right? A short, beautiful cruise to the Bahamas would be absolutely amazing. Since you’re probably a bit of an Internet buff you figure...
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