3 Reasons Why a Cruise is Perfect for a Girls Getaway

3 Reasons Why a Cruise is Perfect for a Girls Getaway

A weekend cruise girls getaway is the perfect way to effectively channel Rest, Relaxation and “Me Time” in your life. In terms of what it offers, it encompasses all of the things that make any getaway great.

You take the sunbathing from a beach resort stay, the spa time from a wellness retreat and the nightlife from a casino, throw in activities and destinations that rotate daily — and voila! — you and your friends can’t possibly have a bad time.

So whether you’re:

  • Single Ladies throwing inhibitions to the wind – or in this case the sea
  • Married with Children and seeking some “me time”
  • Career Women looking for a break that does not involve business travel and another snooze-worthy conference
  • Old Friends wanting to create new memories

A cruise has a magical way of making it all possible.

Need more convincing that a cruise is the perfect choice for a girls weekend getaway? Then allow us to go on…

A Girls Getaway Offers Something for Everyone

Just because you’ve been friends for ages doesn’t mean that you always like to do the same things.

Maybe a few of your girls are like you: They like nothing more than lying out in the sun, chatting and enjoying a cold adult beverage (or two) before heading off to dinner.

Other members of your party are down for a great dinner too; it’s just they would like to get some gym time in first.

Or perhaps when it comes to excursions, a few of you like to wander everywhere to explore – while others might prefer to stay in one place and take in the offerings of a great local art gallery or museum.

The great thing about a cruise? Everyone’s interests and preferences can be accommodated and you can all still have a great time together as well.

No Driving, No Curfews, No Schedules

When you go on a cruise you enter a world where time starts to move rather differently, and you are free to set your schedule. That means late nights with the ladies can be guilt free. Go on and have another drink — it’s not like you’re driving!

Responsibility and time dictates so much of what we can and can’t do on land, but on a cruise you are pretty much free to make of your girls getaway what you want.

A casual dinner can turn into a three-hour affair, there are no kids to get back to.

If you don’t want to leave the pool at 5:00 pm you don’t have to. Stay and watch the sun set; dinner can wait.

If you want to stay in your cabin, chatting in your PJ’s until noon, no one can stop you and no one will be knocking on the door asking if their breakfast is ready yet.

Reconnect the Old Fashioned Way with a Girls Getaway

These days people are still connected, but in a very different way than they were in the past.

Facebook and Facetime have replaced actual in the real world ‘face time‘ together and even when you do manage to find the time for a catch up it’s often a short lived affair as there are boyfriends/husbands/kids/pets to get home to and work early the next day.

A girls getaway cruise is your chance to actually spend some quality time together without the responsibilities of the real world getting in the way.

And if you do want a few minutes alone a cruise ship has plenty of places you can slip away to whenever you like.

Best of all, you can plan it all with no stress. So what are you waiting for?

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