Why Every Woman Needs a Girls Weekend Getaway

Why Every Woman Needs a Girls Weekend Getaway

Whether you’re on the Career Merry-Go-Round or a Stay-at-Home Mom, life gets in the way of fun and far too often – going on a trip with our girlfriends like a girls weekend getaway, ends up being the last thing on our to-do list.

As women, we have so much to hold together:

  • Ourselves
  • Family
  • Household
  • Job
  • Pets
  • Work with Church/Charity Organizations
  • And More…

Our lives are frantic, frustrating, loving, joyful and downright exhausting, don’t you think?

So here’s the question: When was the last time you had a getaway with just the girls?

Not just a few hours at a restaurant, but an actual leave home, go someplace else, sleep someplace else, real life getaway. Can’t remember? High school? Never??

Isn’t it time to think about changing that?

What a Girls Weekend Getaway Will Do For You – And Your Family

Let’s be serious for a moment. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get away with all your girlfriends for an awesome weekend? No spouse, no kids, no pets, just you and your friends? Almost like a sleepover from your childhood – with maybe a little alcohol involved!

Think about it – staying up past 11:00 pm and having free reign to chat about, well, the things that bore your family to tears.

The beauty of a girls weekend getaway is that you never know what to expect. Some could be serious, discussing marriages or husbands, and others could spice things up and get to that amazing level of goofiness that you so crave.

Studies have shown that the bond between women is critical to their physical and mental well-being. A weekend away without major responsibilities = complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

And what’s more, the family dynamics change when you’re not home. It will give your kids a chance to do more things with Dad. Or even for the family dog to spend more time with Dad.

They will miss you that’s for sure, but you being away for a couple of days makes them appreciate you more, and that’s always a good thing!

A Girls Weekend Getaway Is Special

It is a wonderful gift to have great friends – and it’s important to take the time to nurture our relationships, and enjoy each other’s company away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

All too often women lose touch with their friends as they ‘move on‘ in life, or only see them once every few months – or years – or only communicate via Facebook.

That’s not only sad; it’s unhealthy, and takes away a crucial support network that we all truly need in our lives.

We know it can seem tough to think of leaving your family for a girls weekend getaway. But this is a plea of sorts: Ladies, make time for your friends. Laugh, catch up, and renew yourselves.

Your partners will wait, your kids will survive, and they’ll appreciate the more relaxed and completely rejuvenated woman who returns!

And we’ll be here to help, if you need it.

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